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Visit in Slovakia

23/04/2014 14:48
The visit in Slovakia will be from the 9th of June till the 13th 2014.

Visit in Vilnius

16/04/2014 11:16
Here is our photoexhibition!

Newspaperclip from Vilnius

10/04/2014 10:22 link above is from a newspaperclip in Vilnius which was written during our visit there.

To do before visit in Lithuania

15/02/2014 11:12
*Blog: - interaction between students - post pictures  - 5-10 pictures from the visit in Sweden from each country   * Bring 10 photos taken by pupils on photopaper A 4 size   * Some kind of presentations on the previous tasks, add links of them to the...

Visit in Sweden

15/02/2014 10:04
We had a successful visit in Sweden where the pupils of all countries presented their nations famous photograhpers and their work. We also visited Fotografiska museet, the photographical museum, in Stockholm and had a workshop in photograhpy where we learnt about perspectives and the golden...

Have a look at the products!

25/01/2014 13:00
There are new links to films and photos presentations if you look under "Products".

To do before visit in Sweden

10/01/2014 11:14
1. A trip to the art gallery where there’s a photo exhibition of a native photographer and a meeting with this artist, who’ll make a kind of informative lesson about techniques of taking good/artistic photos. A summing-up the trip presentation. 2. Photography workshops, during which students get to...

Check out the Slovakian link under Products!

02/12/2013 08:33
The Slovakian team has made a homepage for their school about our project. Use the link you'll find under Projects and have a look!

Our first visit went to Turkey

12/10/2013 13:49
During the 7th -11th of October we set off to Adana, Turkey, a 2 million city in the south of Turkey. The hosting school, Meryem Abdurrahim Gizer Ortaokulu, its headmaster, staff, students, parents and the mayor of the city took very good care of us and welcomed us most warmly. We all presented our...

Website launched

12/10/2013 13:48
Our new website has been launched today.  
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