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18/08/2015 20:34

Great finale in France!

10/06/2015 21:11
  So our last meeting with the final Oscar Awards has been conducted. There have been learning, laughter and tears and we all had the time of our lives! Thank you! Link to a film from France by the Slovak group

Thank you Hungary!

29/04/2015 13:01
Thank you Hungary for having us and for a very successful visit in Budapest! Link to a film from Hungary

Filmfestival in France

29/04/2015 12:58
We will hold our own filmfestival like the Oscars when we meet in Maubeuge, France in June. The best film and may other awards will be chosen from the 8 films our partners will have produced by then. We are very much looking forward to walking the red carpet!

Meeting in Hungary

17/04/2015 12:55
We had a very informative and interesting meeting in Budapest. Our students were discussing the process of filmmaking and we learnt a lot at the Korda filmpark and during our lession with an actress!

Teacher meeting in

16/04/2015 10:50
1. Writing the final report: Sweden will email their copy (but noone must write in it!) Each country must finish their assigned part stated below before the meeting in France and bring their version:   E 1    Poland E 2 Hungary E 3 Turkey E4 Hungary E 5 , E 6 Slovakia E 7...

Visit to Poland

11/02/2015 13:23
We had a very good visit in Poland and learnt about actors and actresses, among other things.

Visit to Hungary

11/02/2015 13:20
In Hungary we will share our experiences of filmmaking. Each country will prepare something to share and also a question that we feel have been difficult in making film, so we might help each other.

Thank you Poland!

11/02/2015 13:16
We would like to thank the Polish team for our visit in Bielsk Podlaski and Warsaw. We learnt a lot and have many new impressions and friends! Link to a film from Poland

Saving shared work in dropbox

14/01/2015 13:18
To share our work we have created a dropboxaccount at login: password: 2015comeniuscinema
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