To do before visit in Sweden

10/01/2014 11:14

1. A trip to the art gallery where there’s a photo exhibition of a native photographer and a meeting with this artist, who’ll make a kind of informative lesson about techniques of taking good/artistic photos.

A summing-up the trip presentation.

2. Photography workshops, during which students get to know the basis of photo taking.

A summing-up the workshops presentation.

3. A visit to a professional photo studio.

A summing-up the visit to photo studio presentation.

4. Presentations about famous photographers and their works in each country.

Working visit to Sweden, Sandviken with the topic “Famous photographers and their works” where we will have a guided tour of the Photographical museum in Stockholm and present each country’s famous photographers to each other in Sandviken.

Sweden will be in charge of making a visit diary in form of both photos and film to be put on a CD/DVD.