Teacher meeting in

16/04/2015 10:50

1. Writing the final report:

Sweden will email their copy (but noone must write in it!)

Each country must finish their assigned part stated below before the meeting in France and bring their version:


E 1    Poland

E 2 Hungary

E 3 Turkey

E4 Hungary

E 5 , E 6 Slovakia

E 7 Together in France

E 8 Lithuania

E 10.1 Sweden

E 10.2 France

E 10.3  Croatia





E 10.1

Meetings at visits,

teachers – emails

Local meetings after each visit

Questionnaires forms for students

Informal evaluations on our Facebookgroup

Collection of students impressions in our Portfilo

F 5: Presentations abou our school and country can be used by other teachers and students in coming projects or meetings with foreigners.



Hungary will prepare the calendar and send it to all next month. Everyone can change the Hungarian writing into their own language. Then you can print it in each country.



Everyone will send 10 pictures with descriptions for the portfolio from their vistit to Croatia. Also send short comments from 2-3 students signed with name, age and country.


For sharing big files: Use our common dropbox accout: For sending pictures and films and outcomes for the CD.





Visit in France

Informating France about how many people we will send from each country.

Monday: arriving going to Maubeuge

Tuesday: Brussels. Visiting the Parliament until 13.00. Afternoon visit Brussel city.

Wedesday: School visit, mayor, short films. Kids to the zoo and teachers then writing the report.

Thursday: Visit a moviestudio, setting of a film. Trip to Lille. Farewell dinner with Ocar ceremony, bring a fancy dress or suit. (Red carpet and awards).


Ideas for prizes: Best film, best actor, best actress, best director, best script, best costme, best filmmusic, best photography, best editing, best special effects, best make-up, best silent film, best documentary, best animation,