Article about Sweden visit

23/04/2014 14:49

The Visit To Sweden!



Today all the visitors arrived to Stockholm and was greeted by Lena who helped them get to 2kronor hostel where they would spend the night.



Today the Swedish students arrived to Stockholm and met  with the whole Comenius group. Later everyone went to the  photography museum where we split up into 2 groups.

After our visit to the museum we had about 5 hours of free time in Stockholm and could do whatever we wanted until 5 PM when we had to take the train home to Sandviken.


Today all the groups did a presentation on famous photographers from their countries, it took about 3,5 hours to finish all the presentations.

When all the presentations where done we had lunch at a restaurant called Bolaget before visiting Sandvik.



Sandvik is the company Sandviken was built around.

Before Sandvik started their mines and steel mills the area was just a forest.

 As workers came from all over Sweden to the Sandvik area        a town was eventually built around the mines.

Now Sandvik is one of the largest Steel companies in the world and had over 340 million dollars in sales revenue 2013.




Today all the participants went to the local outdoor activity center, Högbo.

At Högbo everyone got to try cross-country skiing, run around doing whatever we want and eat delicious Hamburgers.

After Högbo we went  to Göransson arena to ice skate.

Later that evening we had a farewell dinner as a goodbye to all the visitors.

At the farewell dinner we had lot`s of activities and games.



Today all the visitors left, end of story.

Thank you! / Måns